Write for us

Write for us

Would you like to write for us? Mum vibes is a great resource for Mums, we have all heard the expression about it needing a village to raise a child. Not all of us have a village, so we are here for you. Not only can you read through real Mum experiences of different stages of motherhood but you can share yours too.

Do I need experience writing for a blog?

No! The joy of Mum Vibes is that we share stories from all Mums, all with differing experiences. I would never pretend to know everything about motherhood and the different experiences Mums have. So I need you to share the experiences you have had with others.

There are some tips below for if you have not written a blog post before.

What’s in it for you?

There are many benefits to writing an article for Mum vibes. Firstly, you may be able to help another Mum out. There is likely a Mum somewhere going through exactly what you have been through. By sharing your experiences you can help others.

The article can be a great opportunity to promote you and or your business. Include links to your social media and/or website, to help others see it. This can help build up your online presence and possibly increase sales. You may also want to use it as an opportunity to raise awareness about something or an organisation.

Writing an article can be a great experience for you. As Mothers we are often busy. Taking the time to write an article can actually be a great way to think about your experiences. It provides time to reflect upon them. Some of us may not have written since school or college, it’s a great opportunity to get back into it.

You can then say you are a featured author 😉. We share all guest blog posts across our social media platforms. Feel free to share too!

How to write for us

If you are interested in writing an article, drop me a message on social media or email me at Let me know what you would like to write about.

I want your article to be seen as much as you do! Feel free to share links to your social media or website in the article. The best way to get your article seen is by sharing on social media but also for it to be searchable on the internet.

The best way to get an article seen online is to have a title that is catchy, this title needs to appear several times during the article to help it be found in searches.

When you have written your article, please send it to me at Please also include a bio of around 3-4 lines about yourself, along with a photo. Be sure to include any other photos you would like me to use. Also let me know which social media links, websites, organisations you would like included.

Top tips for writing

  • Think of a catchy title, this phrase will need to appear throughout the text. Title’s answering a question usually do well. Usually titles of around 30 characters are a good guide.
  • The article length is up to you, it’s your article! I recommend a length of at least 500 words. This helps the search engines find your article.
  • Try to keep sentences to less than 20 words long. This may seem alien to start with, but it helps Google to find it.

What can I write about?

The main aim of Mum vibes is to support Mothers through all stages of motherhood. Articles can be about pregnancy, babies, pre-school children, school age children, teenagers and even adult children. As well as real life experiences we also feature recipes, reviews of days out, poetry and more.

Things to note

To improve SEO (how articles are found online), we may need to make some small adjustments to what you write for us. This is purely to help with it being found online. To do this, I may adjust the title slightly or shorten sentences, and try to ensure the ‘keyword phrase’ is repeated often enough. Any changes will be shown to you, please let me know if there are any issues with this.

Look forward to hearing from you

Sophie x

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