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5 products you need after a c-section


Guest author Alyssa shares 5 products you need after a c-section. As C-section awareness month continues, it’s important to know what can help you afterwards. Recovering from major surgery such as a c-section can be helped with certain products. Mum vibes is all about creating a village for fellow mamas and sharing tips and advice.

Alyssa and son

Hi! I’m Alyssa, a 32-year-old mom to a toddler and 2 dogs. I’m a working mom, and full time stay at home mom. I live with my husband in Scottsdale, Arizona USA. I had no family ‘village’ nearby to help me after our sweet babe arrived. So I learned all my tricks to conquering and loving motherhood from mom friends and the vast online community. No gate keeping here. I am on a mission to help as many moms as I can possibly reach. I spill the tea so you can thrive as a mama-boss too. All my experiences, tips & tricks, product recommendations, and discounts are on my Instagram and my blog.

My experience of a c-section

Throughout my entire pregnancy, my son never flipped into the necessary position for birth. So I was made firmly aware that a C-section was in my future, and I learned to accept it. He was frank breach position meaning more or less a taco inside me with his feet and head at my rib cage. On the day of my scheduled C-section I ended up receiving two attempts at spinal anesthesia. Both of which failed, so my abdominal area never became numb as necessary. I was given no choice but to have my baby while under general anesthesia and without my husband in the room. 

Side note: This is probably karma for me. As when I was young I used to joke saying “why don’t they just put you to sleep and take the baby out and wake you up when it’s done so you don’t have to feel child birth.” Jokes on me, it’s definitely not how I wanted to meet my baby hours after delivering when I finally started to be aware of what’s going on around me. 

Back to my story. After the first 6 hours I had the feeling back in my legs. Also, I started to feel more of the incision area when moving around. I was proud of myself for being able to walk around not long after being basically cut in half. It was time to enjoy my baby and start the breastfeeding journey. Not even 1.5 days in the hospital and I wanted to leave so bad. There was Covid protocol in place AND it was Christmas day, so basically no one around to assist. After waiting 8 hours to get discharged by all physicians necessary, we were finally going home. This is when the real journey of healing starts. 

In the hospital after a c-section

Healing at home

I don’t know if it’s a me thing, or a woman thing, but I was so determined to show everyone that I could handle it all. There’s a photo from the day after being home. I was cooking dinner on the stove while holding my 3-day old baby, acting like I could do it all. Ladies, if I could only give one piece of advice to C-section mamas, it would be to do less. Between the surgery, and my body adjusting to no longer having a baby inside, I was exhausted. Especially feeding a little one every 2-3 hours, you need any opportunity for rest you can get. Long story short, I ended up prolonging my pain during recovery due to just overdoing it. 

I know firsthand how challenging the recovery process can be. From the physical discomfort to the emotional roller-coaster. It’s a journey that requires patience, self-care, and support. I can’t stress enough the importance of having an involved spouse, family member, or friend to lean on during this time of recovery. Don’t try to be superwoman, trying to handle everything on your own. Accept help if it’s offered and prioritize your own well-being. Whether that be assistance with household chores, childcare, meal preparation, or simply lending an empathetic ear, having a support system in place can make all the difference in your C-section recovery journey.

The 5 products you need after a c-section

There are a few products available to help ease the transition into motherhood after a surgical birth that I found immensely helpful. Here are my top five C-section recovery necessities that helped me. I would recommend them to any mamas having or recently had a C-section birth.

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The Halo Bassinet 3.0 was my saving grace during those early weeks after birth. One of the most crucial aspects of post-C-section recovery is ensuring proper rest of the stomach muscles and sleep. Its adjustable height and swivel feature allowed me to keep my baby close for feedings and comfort while minimizing the need to bend or strain my recovering body. Having my little one within arm’s reach provided peace of mind and made nighttime feedings much more manageable. From firsthand experience, the seemingly smallest movement of turning to your side to reach for your baby can be highly painful. Being able to turn the bassinet over my legs on the bed made all the difference.

Abdominal binder

You’d be surprised how much you can feel your belly pull your abdominal muscles forward during C-section recovery time. A quality abdominal binder is essential for providing support and stability to the abdomen after surgery. I found that wearing an abdominal binder after the second week post C-section helped alleviate discomfort and reduce swelling around the incision site. It provides gentle compression, which not only aides in healing but also offers a sense of security during everyday movements. Plus, the added support allowed me to engage in light activities like walking and caring for my baby with greater ease. And I can’t lie, it was nice having some of my belly pulled in too when it came to taking photos.

Disposable underwear

Let’s be honest – navigating postpartum bleeding while recovering from a C-section is no walk in the park. That’s why Frida Mom’s postpartum disposable underwear quickly became a staple in my recovery arsenal. These comfortable and breathable mesh underwear are specifically designed to accommodate postpartum pads, providing maximum coverage and protection. They saved me from the hassle of dealing with regular underwear and are high waisted so they don’t rub on the incision site. Never did I think I would be excited to talk about large underwear, but let me tell you it’s both worth it and necessary.

Breastfeeding pillow

Breastfeeding can pose unique challenges for C-section moms, especially when it comes to finding a comfortable feeding position. The Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow was a game-changer for me. It offers ergonomic support and positioning assistance during nursing sessions. Its contoured design helped alleviate pressure on my abdomen. It allowed me to maintain proper posture, reducing the strain on my recovering body. Whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, having a supportive pillow like this can make all the difference in your comfort and bonding experience with your baby. Wherever I went in the house, this Boppy was always in the room with me, as you’ll find out if you haven’t already that babies feed seemingly non-stop.

Scar balm

Taking care of your incision site is crucial for promoting healing and minimizing scarring. Earth Mama’s Skin & Scar Balm is a natural and soothing solution for C-section moms seeking gentle skincare. Packed with nourishing ingredients like organic herbs and oils. This balm helps moisturize and protect delicate skin, reducing itchiness and discomfort associated with healing. After being cleared by my doctor, I began applying it regularly to my incision site. It provided itchy skin relief, and was the perfect texture to start massaging into the incision to relieve tightness and avoid the feared ‘shelf’ look. For 10% Off use code MOMMINGSIMPLIFIED through this link.


It’s so important to take proactive steps towards optimal recovery of the incision and your body as a whole after this major surgery. Remember, every mom’s recovery experience is unique. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different products and strategies to find what works best for you. Above all, be kind to yourself. Trust that with time, patience, and the right resources, you will emerge from this journey stronger and more resilient than ever before. Speaking as someone who works for a physician group of urologists, you can look at the positive of having a C-section birth which is they would tell you that you are less likely to pee yourself (lose control of your bladder) in the long term! 

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