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Don’t stop me now


A book review of Don’t stop me now by Colleen Coleman. This book was published in 2017. It is readily available in most places. I listened to it on audible.

You may have seen that I listen to a LOT of audio books. I used to read a lot before having children, but I struggle to find the time now. That is how I found my love for audio books. I love to listen to thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seat. Historic fiction is also something I enjoy, sometimes dark and gothic, but sometimes, things like Bridgerton!

I also really enjoy listening to ‘chick lit’ books. After I have listened to a thriller, I often find I need something to lighten the mood. Chick lit books are an easy listen and I find them a good way of decompressing after listening to something dark.

What is Don’t stop me now about?

Don’t stop me now is advertised as a ‘perfect laugh out loud romantic comedy’. It was reviewed as 4.3 stars on audible, and 4.1 on Amazon. There were lots of reviews saying people had loved it. Some said they cried with laughter when reading it. This book sounded like just what I needed! It passed the narrator test too which can sometimes be a challenge with audible.

So what happens in the book? The main character Poppy is robbed of her dream job. She finds herself unemployed and living back with her Mum. After falling into another job, she reunites with old friends, and ignites old passions. With so much taking off in her life, Poppy has to decide where her priorities lie. Can she keep everyone happy?

My thoughts and feelings on the book

Up until now I have only written reviews of books that I have enjoyed. I think that’s because I feel compelled to write about them, but also I feel mean saying I didn’t enjoy something knowing that a lot of work will have gone into it. In this instance though, I really did not enjoy this book i’m afraid to say. The main character Poppy, comes across as a privileged, spoilt brat. There is very little that makes you warm to the character at all. Everything seems to fall into her lap and she expresses very little gratitude to anyone around her.

As for the story, it was completely predictable and unbelievable. At times I laughed out loud at how ridiculous it was. I’m not sure this was the kind of laugh out loud the author had in mind. I almost switched it off a few times, even though I HATE doing this! I persevered to see if Poppy changed her ways and had some life changing moment. She didn’t!

For me and the type of books I like, I wouldn’t recommend Don’t stop me now. It actually frustrated me at times which is not what you want for an easy listen book. I would rate it 1 out of 5.

You can find more about the books I like to read here at the Mum Vibes book club.

Please recommend a good listen to me!

Sophie x

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