My experience of the mirena coil

My experience of the Mirena coil


Here I am going to share my experience of the Mirena coil. In 2022 I started to get really heavy periods, they were also extremely painful. After 6 months I made an appointment with my GP. As I cried down the phone to her she reassured me we would get this sorted. Fast forward to the 2nd January 2024, I got my Mirena coil inserted during a procedure to remove endometrial polyps. You can read more about this here. Here I plan to share my experiences with you in case you are considering getting a coil put in.

What is a mirena coil?

The full information about a coil is on the NHS website here. The mirena coil is a small T shaped device that is placed inside your womb. It is a contraceptive but is also used to help with heavy painful periods. Periods can be made lighter, or they can stop altogether. This was why I had it inserted. They can be effective for 3 to 5 years. The strings from the coil hang down slightly. This is for removal. You will be advised to get the position of the coil checked by a medical professional 3-6 weeks after it has been inserted by them checking the strings. It is also advisable to feel for them yourself after each period to ensure it is in place.

My experience of 1 week with the mirena coil

I had my mirena coil put in while I was asleep having a hysteroscopy performed. I was told I may experience cramping similar to period pains. They also advised some people have light spotting which may stop and start.

1 week after having it put in I have experienced hardly any cramping, and I have had light spotting. I wouldn’t have been aware it had even been put in. I have not had to take any painkillers I have booked an appointment with my practice nurse to check the strings in around 5 weeks time.

My first period after having the coil inserted is due in a few weeks so it will be interesting to see what happens then.

2 weeks after having the mirena coil

So, today marks exactly 2 weeks since I had the coil fitted. For the first 2 weeks I have had some light spotting. I have had no pain, I have been constipated but not sure if that was to do with the coil. I finally went without a liner in my pants a few days ago, only to have to put it back in today!

My period is technically due next week but I am having quite bad cramping today. I have the feeling of pressure as I often do during my periods. At the moment I also have quite tender breasts which is new! I will keep you posted on any new developments!

6 weeks after having the mirena coil

6 weeks after having the mirena coil inserted it is recommended you get it checked. I booked in with my practice nurse to get mine checked. The process was similar to having a cervical smear. I had to undress from the waist down, she used a speculum and checked the strings were visible. Luckily they were!

My second period since the coil was inserted is heavier than the first but not anywhere near as heavy as it was before the coil was fitted. There are 2 things I have noticed though, firstly my skin is really bad. I have hormonal acne. The second is that I am the moodiest b*tch known to man 😂.

However, all that seems manageable compared to before I had the coil put in, so I will persevere and see how it goes.

Share your experiences of the mirena coil below.

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