what mothers really want for mothers day

What Mothers really want for Mothers day


Pssssttt…. want to know what Mothers really want for Mothers day? This year in 2024 Mothers day is on the 10th March. If you haven’t bought your present yet, fear not I have some ideas that are last minute and most of them are free.

Flowers and chocolates are lovely gifts, but don’t be tempted by those supermarket offers. There are things a Mum would much rather have this Mothers day, trust me! Let’s put the focus on what Mothers day is all about. It’s about showing love and appreciation to your Mum. While thoughtful gifts go away to showing this, a last minute bunch of half-dead flowers from the supermarket does not.

Mothers really want… a break!

Let’s face it Mothers are busy, life can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes all we really need is a break. Give your Mum a lie in or an undisturbed hour in the bath with a book. Why not make this Mothers day the day you start doing more around the house? Put a load of washing on, or even better put away the clean washing that’s been sat on the side for 3 days. Cook dinner, BUT, make sure you clean up afterwards. Nobody wants a meal cooked for them it they have to tidy away 20 pans away afterwards.

If you really want to push the boat out let the Mother in your life have a day or evening out to herself. A day to do as we please and not worry about school runs, cleaning, washing and cooking dinner. Yes, please!

Mothers really want… memories!

Us women give mixed messages, we know! As much as we would like some time to ourselves, we also want to make memories with those we love. It doesn’t need to be complicated, organise a movie night. Get some snacks in and put the phone away, enjoy each other’s company. Consider arranging a day out, it doesn’t have to be expensive, or even too far from home. A walk somewhere, or an indoor picnic, just make sure it’s something she will enjoy.

Mothers really want… photos!

If you look through any Mum’s phone you will find endless photos of her children. Photos of their children doing various activities and adventures, photos of them with other family members and pets. Yet there are very few photos of a Mother with her children. Try to capture those candid moments, and make sure she’s not always the one behind the lens.

This may be an idea you need to save for next year. Throughout the year capture photos of her, on her own and with others. Create a photobook or album of all your favourite ones to give to her.

Mothers really want… self-care!

If you want to go down the route of giving a gift then these whimsical mama boxes are a great idea. These subscription boxes are full of self care goodies and they do a 3 month subscription if you don’t want to sign up for a whole year.

You can also create your own pamper pack, as a last minute gift idea. Fill a gift bag, box or hamper with some products you know she will love. Face masks, nail polish, hand cream. Make the most of it and join in the pamper session too!

For Mums who aren’t keen on pampering, you could get them an adult colouring book and pens, a new book or something you know will help them relax.


We all know handmade gifts and cards are super cute but they usually get put to back of a cupboard so make sure to show some love some other ways too.

Quick list of ideas

  • Movie night with snacks and a phone ban
  • Pamper evening
  • An undisturbed bath
  • Day out, a walk a picnic
  • Photo book or photo albums
  • Take the load off by helping out with chores
  • A gift that isn’t flowers or chocolate!

Happy Mothers day to all the gorgeous mama’s out there ❤

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