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How to set good New Year’s resolutions


It’s that time of the year when we think about setting New Year’s resolutions. Here’s how to set good New Year’s resolutions. 2024 is the perfect year for a fresh start, a new year on a Monday. This year rather than making the bog standard resolutions you never manage to stick to, make some that are meaningful and achievable.

New Year’s resolutions can be daunting, especially if you set the same ones year after year and never seem to achieve them. This year, try something different and make resolutions that are achievable and meaningful.

Nothing to lose

More often than not resolutions feature weight loss or exercise. While this may be a good opportunity for you to begin this journey, it is not always a good New Year’s resolution to set. Becoming fitter or eating healthier should be a lifestyle change and not something that really has an end point. You want your resolutions to have a target date to ensure you stick to them and achieve them. So while it is great to take some time to focus on yourself and your health next year, avoid setting this as a New Year’s resolution.

What makes a good New Year’s resolution

Ok, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how to make a good New Year’s resolution. As Mum’s, time is precious. As such we need to make our resolutions count, and ensure they can be reached within our busy lifestyles. There are a few ways of helping to ensure your resolutions are achievable and meaningful.

Be specific and realistic

Your resolution should be clear and attainable. Instead of a broad goal like “focus on myself more”, try “I will complete 2 15 minute yoga sessions a week”. This way, you can measure your progress and celebrate small victories.

Put a positive spin on it

Focus on what you want to gain, rather than what you want to give up. For example, instead of ‘I don’t want to be stressy’ try ‘I will practice mindfulness for 2 minutes a day to reduce my stress levels’.

Break It Down

Divide larger goals into smaller, manageable steps. If your aim is to read more, start with a goal like “read one book per month.” Breaking it down makes the journey less overwhelming. You could even make yourself a chart to tick off or add it into your diary.

Personal Meaning

Your resolutions should reflect your values and aspirations. Consider what truly matters to you and align your goals with your passions. This connection will keep you motivated throughout the year, and mean you are more likely to achieve your resolutions.

Ideas for good New Year’s resolutions

It can be easy to go to the default of dry January, or losing weight for New Year’s resolutions. Here are some ideas if you are looking for something different. These resolutions are meaningful an achievable within a busy lifestyle. Just adjust them to suit you.

I resolve to prioritise self care

Make self-care a non-negotiable. Whether it’s a relaxing bath once a week or dedicating 15 minutes a day to mindfulness, investing in yourself pays dividends in overall well-being. If you sign up to our newsletter, you can get a free guide ‘5 minutes to mindfulness’ meaning you can fit mindfulness into the busiest of days.

I resolve to spend meaningful time with my family

Schedule regular family activities. It could be a weekly game night, a monthly outing, or even a weekend getaway. Quality time strengthens family bonds and creates lasting memories.

I resolve to spend less time on my phone

Set boundaries for screen time, both for yourself and your family. Lead by example, you can’t expect your children to leave the screens alone if you are on your phone all the time. Designate tech-free zones and times, fostering more meaningful connections and reducing stress.

I resolve to learn something new

Embrace the joy of lifelong learning. This doesn’t have to be costly or even mean you have to leave the house. There are a number of online courses and tutorials on YouTube. Stimulating your mind contributes to personal growth.

Resolutions can be a good opportunity to try something new, or change bad habits. Try to keep these simple and achievable so you do not add to the stresses within life. I hope this has inspired you to create some good New Year’s resolutions. Let me know in the comments below what resolutions you will be setting yourself for 2024.

FAQ’s for how to set good New Year’s resolutions

Are New Year’s resolutions really effective?

Yes, when crafted thoughtfully, resolutions can be powerful motivators for positive change. The key is to make them specific, realistic, and personally meaningful.

How do I stay motivated throughout the year?

Break down your goals into smaller tasks, celebrate milestones, and regularly reassess your progress. Keeping a positive mindset and acknowledging your achievements, no matter how small, will keep you motivated.

What if I don’t achieve my resolutions?

It’s okay! Life is unpredictable, and setbacks happen. Instead of viewing it as a failure, reassess your goals, adjust if needed, and continue working towards them. Remember, progress is progress, no matter the pace.

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