workouts for busy mums

Workouts for busy mums


For busy mums fitting workouts in can be difficult. What we need are quick workouts. Workouts that can be done in the home, or in a lunch break at work. Sometimes, looking after the kids feels like a workout in itself. For some, that may be enough. If you are looking for more than that, then this is for you.

Why workout?

Life as a mum can be busy. Fitting workouts in can seem unimportant. There are a few reasons it’s beneficial for mums to workout. As well as being busy, mumlife is often stressful too. Exercising can lower stress levels and improve your mood. The good news is, even 15 minutes can help.

Exercising is a good form of self care. It allows you to invest in your health and happiness. Bodies are designed to move, and workouts help do that. It is a fun way to do something with the kids, and sets a good example for them.

1. Workout for mums at home

Working out at a gym can be expensive and time consuming. As well as that it can make you feel self-conscious. A workout at home could be the solution for you. Finding 20-30 minutes to yourself means you can focus on allowing yourself that time. If possible try to do it when the children aren’t around or awake so you can give yourself the attention you deserve.

If your children aren’t early risers, setting an alarm and getting up before anyone else can be a good way to make the time. I always planned to work out in the evenings. By the time the evening arrived, I was too tired to workout. So, it never happened. Scheduling that time in the morning worked much better for me.

Evening workouts may be better focused on winding down and stretching out after the day. Try some yoga or pilates workouts. If getting up early in the morning, this workout is great for mums. Only 20 minutes, and no equipment needed!

2. Workouts for Mums at work

Sometimes kids can be a distraction. Busy mums may be better working out at work. There are some simple ways of being more active. Try walking up the stairs, parking in the furthest car parking space. Take a longer route to go and speak to someone. If you are desk based there are some desk based exercises you can do.

Lunchtime can be a good time for busy mums to work out. You can get some fresh air, a break from the screen and get a workout. A power walk can be a great way to get your heart pumping. There may even be a group of you that want to workout together. Just remember you need to fuel yourself too! If you decide to use your lunch break to work out, be sure to fit some lunch in too!

Stick your favourite playlist or podcast on and go for a 30 minute walk.

3. Work out with kids

If you can’t beat them, join them. Busy mums who struggle to workout, can workout with their kids. Make it something fun and enjoyable for the whole family. It doesn’t have to be a ‘workout’ in the normal sense. Play football, netball or rounders with the kids. Not only will you be raising your heart rate, you will be the best mum ever! It’s a great way to build memories with the kids and get fit at the same time.

Look up workout sessions that are open to Mums and welcome little ones along too. Head out for a walk with the pushchair. Getting active doesn’t always have to be gym based. While the weather is good, get out and enjoy it.

If you aren’t up to exercising in the great outdoors, here is a fab workout busy mums can do at home. The kids can join in too.

4. Quick workouts for busy mums

Time is of the essence for busy mums. Finding time to workout can be hard. Quick efficient workouts can be a great way to get a workout in, without it interrupting your busy lifestyle. Tabata workouts are super quick. Less than 5 minutes in fact. They have been shown to be beneficial for weight loss and endurance. Best of all they are a great workout to fit into a busy mums schedule.

5. Gym workouts for busy mums

Heading to the gym can be a godsend for busy mums. It’s great to get a break from home life. Swimming can also be a great way to help your mind switch off. Classes are also a great option if you aren’t confident using the equipment at the gym. If you are happy with working out in the gym, this is a great workout from Women’s Health. It’s a 9 move workout, taking 30 minutes.


If you want to fit a workout into your busy mum schedule, then there are a number of different options. Whether you want to use a workout to get some alone time, or play with the kids, or a mixture of them all!

Let us know if you have any workout tips in the comments below.

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